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The River of Life HouseIn Dallas, Oregon

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The River of Life House is a private residence, located in Dallas, Oregon, just a few short blocks from the downtown area. Centrally located, it is a short walk to nearby shopping, the city park, or the Rickreall Creek.

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood, the house affords all the amenities necessary for a safe harbor as the residents find firm footing and prepare to re-enter society. A common living space area includes a relaxing area with television and is used by the residents for group meetings, study time, and relaxing after a hard day. The kitchen area provides everything the residents need for food storage and meal preparation. The house leader is responsible for evening meal preparation and serves a hearty meal. Local food donations help keep the refrigerator stocked so no one ever need worry about going hungry. A barbeque in the backyard provides the men an alternative means for food preparation and is used frequently.

The house has 5 resident beds and every man is provided personal storage space for clothing and personal belongings. Each man is responsible for keeping his personal area clean and the remainder of the household chores are shared among everyone. Personal respect for each other is a core value at the River or Life House.

The Residents

Every day begins with Bible study and prayer. We seek to help our residents develop Christ-like maturity by providing structure, discipleship, fellowship, help with job searches, encouragement, and needed life skills in a Christian home environment so they may become productive and law-abiding members of society.

The residents live in a family setting, semi-protected, and away from areas of temptation under the guidance of a live-in house leader. During their six month stay, the residents are matched with mentors, church, and para-church groups. The men are expected to obtain employment, attend 12-step programs, and participate in group and individual counseling. Life at the River of Life House includes many fun activities as the residents practice their pro-social skills with backyard barbecues, attendance at community events, participation in a church softball league, and volunteering to help out individuals in need in Polk County, such as senior citizens and and the various community service organizations.

Every resident is expected to secure employment while at River of Life and support is available for resume writing assistance, interview training, and employment leads.

"Now therefore, let it please You to bless the house of Your servant, that it may continue before You forever; for You, O Lord God, have spoken it, and with Your blessing let the house of Your servant be blessed forever." 2 Samuel 7:29

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